Dreaming Beyond the Sky

by Days of Sunshine

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I've battled with music. Sometimes it doesn't seem worth it to me. I've battled with life. Sometimes it doesn't seem worth it to me. But if there's one thing I have it's hope. I'm David. 7

Hope came to me one day in a time when I was confused, clueless, and depressed. 6

Tears fell to the ground one night as I heard the words, "You never have to do anything ever again." I grew up in church. I love church. I love God, but I always thought there were things I had to do. Now I started wondering if just literally existing is enough, just to be myself. I really really really really don't have to do anything? 1

It took me a while but I finally started talking about what happened, but usually those I shared it with didn't understand especially when I got into the other side of it... You see, an idea was birthed in me. It was a radical idea, new to me at least. 8

For the past two years it has grown and churned inside of me like when you've seen a fantastic movie. I'm so desperate to share it, but I guess I'm not very good at talking. No one has ever understood it. So I've shut up. The thing that I'm most excited about no one knows. I'm alone in my joy. 0

This fresh idea has caused an invincible new hope to come over me. I see that if I could explain it I could also share this hope. It's hope for a great future worth everything it would take to get there. Hope that every coming second is better than everything before. Hope that death is the greatest day of life on earth. 4

I silently set out with my keyboard symphony to try to compose a soundtrack for it. It's the best I had. It's all I knew to do. It's taken about 15 months to finish. It's woven with symbols and patterns. You could piece it all together with what's here. I don't find it wise to plainly interpret the mysteries in the things I am sharing in this most recent album, but I can help explain a few things if you are interested. 2

The most basic level interpretation is that this album is the story of mankind according to the Bible. (Genesis-Reveation...) There is the fall of man, and our exodus into a barden world where we dwell for millenniums. Life is horribly starving and cruel there, but hope comes through the gospel of Jesus. So many dark ghosts float through the land. They whisper in our ears trying to rob us of our identity and causing us to self harm to escape the crushing pain and lies. But don't forget, good ghosts are at your side. Do not fear! Even though it sometimes may not feel any better, they are with you. He is with you every step, every tear, every heartache. So concerned. So grieved. But not for long! Suddenly, after so many years of waiting, the sky shatters, the plagues arise, and then the world, the sun, the stars are no more. We children are sad from the sight we have witnessed. We are back to the beginning again though we have taken a mighty detour. Then we shield our eyes for the dawn reveals the fashioning of a new world... but it doesn't end ther............X

That interpretation (Genesis-Revelation...) doesn't even really get into the cool stuff much except maybe near the en... Like I mentioned, I'm not going to explain everything, but I believe you can understand things supernaturally by listening because it has worked for me that way in the past. Don't underestimate your spiritual senses. If you listen to this, please don't listen to the instruments or drum parts or effects. I believe music has the power to say words into our hearts that cannot be said with a human mouth. Art is rather secondary from my perspective. However, it is currently our most powerful connection to the unseen and to the future. Certain melodies, sounds, ect, for some reason have the amazing power to jolt something to the surface for a moment so we may behold a glimpse of pure perfection, residing in something very specific. It's not just good art. It's a memory. It's a vision. It's a prophecy. The one thing I don't believe in is imagination. There's no such thing as imagination. I believe its is a false concept. Also I don't think anything you ever think up or daydream or nightdream is to good to be true. Heaven is better than anyone could ever dream, but it includes our dreams. All our lives our dreams have been forced to bow to reality. Remember, however, that even bad wishes are just a skew off good dreams. Therefore, there will come the day when our dreams will no longer bow to reality. The tables will be turned, and reality will have to bow to our dreams... every last one of them. Not one will be lost or forgotten. If it's in your heart, it's in your future. Some say all good things come to an end, but I say no good thing will ever come to end. I could be crazy, but now I can say I believe these things. There are worlds far beyond this. 9

Days of Sunshine are coming. Come with me and Dream Beyond the Sky. X789X


released 11 May 2014



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